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bat yam school

Naomi speaking with students at the Harel School in Bat Yam.

  • Naomi is pleased to present the educational booklet (in Hebrew), Shades of Belonging, for educators working with Ethiopian Israeli youth.

    Naomi conducts meeting with children of all ages in schools all over the country. She was chosen by the Ministry of Education to be a Guest Author in the schools for the 2010-2012 school years.


    In her fascinating talks Naomi tells her life story, which provided inspiration for her many books, as well as presenting photographs from Ethiopia used as a basis for the illustrations in many of the books. She also discusses issues of identity, multi-culturalism and cultural tolerance with the children.


    For older children Naomi gives a talk on her book "Fragments", based on the life story of her mother Karen Gershon, who arrived in England on the Kindertransport – the children's transport which brought children from Germany to England just before the Second World War.


    Naomi runs writing workshops for gifted children who wish to develop and improve their writing skills while discovering the magic of the written word.


    To arrange lectures or meetings, please call
    Tel. 02-5357151
    Mobile: 0506214941
    or email: