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birger award

Prizes received by Naomi Shmuel
2013 Naomi won the "Acum" Prize for an unpublished manuscript
2012 Naomi won the Prime Minister Levi Eshkol Prize for Literature
The Raphael Patai Prize for academic excellence for the MA thesis Educational Traditions of Ethiopian Jewry: The Dynamics of Continuity & Change Hebrew University Jerusalem 2010
Prize for academic excellence from the Hebrew University 2009
The Raphael Patai Prize for academic excellence for seminar paper 2008
The Trudi Birger Award for Children’s Literature for the book The Lion Hunter’s Son at the International Book Festival in Jerusalem 2005
The Rainbow Child was chosen second in the school’s national book survey in 2003
The Rainbow Child was commended by the Zeev Prize Committee of the Ministry of Education in 2002
The Rainbow Child received the Anderson Award and represented Israel in the ILBBY International Book Fair in Bazel in 2002


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