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giving a lecture

Naomi giving a lecture at Hebrew University.

    For a unique and fascinating lecture by author and anthropologist Naomi Shmuel
    For children and adults of all ages on the creation of over 14 books which have won numerous prizes and about the challenges of cultural transition. For more information, contact Naomi: 050-6214941 or by email,

  • Naomi travels around the country giving lectures on various issues, primarily related to the challenges of cultural transition and the concept of cultural competence. In these fascinating lectures Naomi talks about her life story which provided inspiration for her books, as well as a range of topics such as:

    1. Changes in parenting practices from Ethiopia to Israel
    2. Educational challenges in a multicultural environment
    3. The dilemmas involved in integrating immigrant children
    4. The question of identity in cultural transition, especially for adolescents
    5. The challenge of integrating Ethiopian immigrant children in the schools
    6. How children develop stereotypes and prejudices & how to prevent them
    7. Families in transition: coping with the crisis of immigration
    8. Immigration and education in a multicultural environment
    9. Children's books as bridges across cultures
    10. The kindertransport and the life story of Karen Gershon, Naomi's mother, documented in her book Fragments


    To arrange lectures or meetings, please call
    Tel. 02-5357151
    Mobile: 0506214941
    or email: